Connect your Roam Research graph
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Easy automation for busy people. Roam-bot moves info between your Roam Research graph and your favorite web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.

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Subscribe to Roam-bot for €8/month using your Roam Research account email address.

2 - Add Roam-bot app on Zapier

Connect Roam-bot zapier app using your Roam Research account email address and password (required since RoamResearch does not have a stable Public API).

3 - Automate your second brain

Create your very own workflows on Zapier and connect your Roam Research knowledge graph to 3,000 apps.

Everything you need

Sky's the limit

Next Zapier triggers and actions integration are based on paid customer feedback. Subscribe now and let me know what you would like next!

  • Create block inside "Quick Capture" page
  • Create block inside the "Today" page
  • Create block inside a page
  • Create block beneath another block
  • (Advanced) Create block inside a page by its uid
  • (Soon) Update a block content from its reference (uid)
  • Trigger when a new page is created
  • Trigger when a new block is created
  • (Soon) Retrieve every block content from a page
  • (Soon) Retrieve every block that includes a tag
  • (Soon) (Advanced) Run a datalog query against your graph

Hot damn!

Conor White-Sullivan
Co-founder of RoamResearch

Roam-bot is an absolute game-changer for automating RoamResearch.

Keenan Payne
Ex-lead dev, Asana


Connect Roam Research to Zapier

Roam-Bot connects everything to and from RoamResearch through Zapier.

Don't forget to use your Roam Research account email address while subscribing otherwise the Zapier app won't work.
I care about the protection of your data, read Roam-bot Privacy Policy.

Automate Roam Research for €8 a month

Complete read and write access to your Roam Research graph directly from your Zapier workflows.

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I waited 2 years for someone to make this Zapier integration and sadly no one came.
I contacted months ago the Roam Research team and got access to Roam Research private REST API beta, sadly it's limited to some special kind of graph.
So I built this Zapier integration to scratch my own itch and help others.
I've been able to automate a lot of my daily routines with Zapier and Roam bot since then, and it has changed my daily life!